Atlanta Single Hikers (ASH) is a collection of individuals of various ages and backgrounds who share a common interest -a love of the outdoors in general and hiking in particular.

We've merged with Single Outdoors Adventures which is a Meetup group. Here's a link to their site (http://www.meetup.com/SINGLES-OUTDOOR-ADVENTURES/). Go to the Meetup site to get the most up to date information. No application is needed, just show up for an event, sign the waiver, and you’re in!

ASH was created in 1995 and we welcome all those who are 18 or older, are not married and who want to enjoy the thrill of the outdoors! . We average a couple of hikes a week (mostly on the weekend) and several social events each month.

How old are our members? Well we used to say "Most of the people in the group are in their 30's and 40's". Okay, so we got older! It was requested that this website be updated to say "40’s and 50’s" (I get the chills just typing this - sometimes it sucks getting old - boy I can't wait to see the email about that comment!). Anyway, you and your friends could change all that so give us a try.

The membership fee is history (voluntary contributions are cool, but there’s no fee required). It’s all pay as you go now. That’s about as cheap as you can get!

If you have any serious medical conditions or allergies, it is the policy of ASH that you not participate.

Backpacking and overnight camping excursions are also scheduled, along with whatever additional activities the group decides to arrange, such as canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, spelunking, mountain biking or exploring the downtown ”wildlife” etc.

Hikes are organized by volunteer group members. Hiking locations are usually determined by the elements and the Weather Channel®. When contact numbers are provided, hikers should call the hike leader to RSVP and join the activity. If there happens to be more that 15 or so participants for that day it may be necessary to break into 2 or more groups to minimize "the herd effect."

Some of the meeting points for our hikes are -

  • MARTA Ride Share parking lot located at the Indian Trail Exit of I-85
  • Marta Park-n-Ride lot at Exit 8 off GA-400 (Mansell Road)
  • Park-n-Ride lot at Chastain Rd. and 75 near Kennesaw

Other meeting points may be established as the hike requires.