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The Providence Canyon is located approximately one hour south of Columbus, Georgia (which lies in west-central Georgia and borders Alabama.) Known as the "Little Grand Canyon", Providence Canyon developed because of water runoff and poor farming practices. It became a really big hole in the ground - a fact of which all Georgians can be proud - and has deservedly received it's status as a good spot for a state park so that people can come see the hole in the ground by the wide spot in the road (the local town, that is.) There are two loop trails, one a few miles long and one 6 or 7 miles long. You hike some down in bottom of the canyon. A creek runs through it, so be prepared for some wet walking. The eroded hills are very colorful. It's well worth a visit.

Here's a link to the Providence Canyon web page. In a rush? Here's a trails link.

The Sherpa Guides have quite a bit of information also.